In the second edition of the bi-monthly Italian magazine “L’Impianto Elettrico”, dedicated to the electrical installation sector, the main topic is the prestigious “Museo del 900” in Mestre (Venezia, Italy), important Italian cultural project where Graziadio could collaborate with many of power and lighting busbars. The museum, inaugurated in December 2018, is dedicated to the great social, economic, urban, environmental and cultural transformations of the XX century and it will be part of a larger project, called “M9”, as any other in Italy. For the construction of the complex, Graziadio has supplied busducts ISOLSBARRA 1250 A and ISOLSBARRA 800 A in aluminium. For the distribution, GDA busbars lines of 400 A, 1000 A and, finally, 63 A GLS BBT for lighting.
Graziadio. Yes, we busbar.