Project Description

GLS 25-40-63 A

The Graziadio GLS Lighting Busbar is ideal for use in warehouses, retail outlets, industrial buildings, hospitals and similar locations. The electrical lighting distribution system is typically used when a fast, flexible, and economical installation is required. All the components of the GLS lighting busbar trunking system are simply plug together. The taps off unit can be quickly removed and moved, this makes it a far more flexible and low-cost option in comparison to trunking and cable lighting methods. Advantages: corrosion resistant; easy and fast mounting; minimal dimensions; low weight; plug in points only in front; reusable and recyclable.

  • Configurations: 2P+PE; 4P+PE; 2P+2P+PE; 6P+PE; 8P+PE
  • Item Length: 3 m e 1 m
  • Distance between points derivation: 1 m / 0,5 m
  • Possibility transport signal DALI
  • Junction boxes: from 10 to 32 A (lightweight, robust and design)
  • Protection class: till IP55
  • Live parts not accessible

Product details

  • 25-40-63 A
  • Conductors: Copper
  • Housing: 100% aluminium
  • Comply with: CEI EN 61439 1-6; CEI EN 60529; IEC 52925-40-63

Main applications

  • Industrial factories

  • Parkings

  • Workshops

  • Greenhouses

  • Supermarkets

  • Industrial lighting

  • Showroom

  • Conference Center

  • Stadium

  • Garage

  • Data Center

  • Logistic center

  • Shopping center

  • Department store

  • Office buildings

  • Tertiary sector

  • Hospital

  • University

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