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K SERIES 1000-5000 A

Graziadio & C. K SERIES busbars are available from 1000 A up to 5000 A and are appropriated for power transportation and distribution in commercial and industrial buildings. This Busbar trunking system is compact and can be installed edgewise, flat or vertically. K SERIES busbars can be supplied with aluminum or copper conductors. The conductors are insulated with suitably pre-shaped, self-extinguishing V TM-0 halogen free polyester double film, in thermal class B complying with EN 60695-2 -10. The standard protection degree is  IP42 and can be increased up to IP55. The aluminum housing provides protection and mechanical seal of the conductors. The matte black painting increase the heat dissipation along the line. The standard length of the straight element is 4m to minimize the number of joints and in consequence the installation time. On request can be supplied any other custom size.

  • Straight elements length 4 m, the customized lengths are available on request
  • Distance between plug-in points 1 m
  • Tap off boxes from 32 up to 1250 A: plug-in type 32 – 400 A GDA series, bolted type 630 – 1250 A dedicated for K SERIES
  • Energized line’s live parts are not accessible.
  • High resistance to short circuit
  • Protection degree up to IP55
  • Custom made elements T, Z.
  • Fire barriers with fire resistance up to 120 minutes
  • Advantages: corrosion resistance, reliable monobloc joint, high thermal dissipation, lightness, multiple customizations, reusable  and recyclable.


Product details

  • 1000-5000 A
  • Conductors: Aluminum / Copper
  • Casing: matt black aluminum
  • Complies with the standards: IEC 61439 / 1-6

Main applications

  • Industrial environments

  • Automotive

  • Airports

  • Power stations

  • Universities

  • Refineries

  • Office buildings

  • Naval sector

  • Residences

  • Oil & Gas

  • Garages

  • Parkings

  • Data center

  • Logistic centers

  • Shopping centers

  • Sports halls

  • Department stores

  • Services industry

  • Hospitals

  • Stadiums

  • Conference centers

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