General conditions of Sale

1. CONDITIONS. The supply is made at the conditions agreed in writing. Any telephone or verbal agreement is without obligation. For all that is not explicitly agreed, the following general conditions apply.

2. DELIVERY. All materials supplied by us, unless expressly agreed otherwise, are always intended for ex-factory delivery. The goods therefore travel at the risk and peril of the customer, declining us any responsibility even if the transport is carried out at our care.

3. MINIMUM BILLABLE. We do not accept orders with a net billable amount lower than 150 euros. VAT and all other taxes are separate and charged to the customer.

4. TERMS. The terms for delivery are in any case indicative and without any obligation and start from the receipt by us of the order confirmation accepted and signed. Any delays, whatever the cause, do not imply any right to compensation or interest unless expressly agreed.

5. WITHDRAWAL GOODS. In the event that the buyer does not collect the goods within the expected delivery time, we will give notice of goods ready. After 8 days from the date of the notice, the goods will be kept at the disposal of the purchaser, debiting the storage costs, unless they consider it better to terminate the contract.

6. PACKAGING. The packaging is invoiced at cost and is always meant to be lost. The goods are delivered packed on pallets, for normal transport on land.

7. WARRANTY. All our materials are backed by warranty starting from the delivery date for 12 months against material or construction defects. Our company will provide free replacement or repair, at our headquarters in Rivoli, with shipping and delivery costs charged to the customer, the material recognized as defective by the technicians. In this case the warranty extends to the replaced parts. Any guarantee in the case of repairs carried out on our materials by persons not belonging to our company ceases to exist, and also when it is established that the assembly has been improperly carried out, without taking into account the appropriate instructions, or the normal maintenance precautions are missing or faulty. The guarantee of our company does not concern that the pure value of the goods supplied, and does not extend to any claim of damage.

8. COMPLAINTS. Any claim for defects or defects in quality or quantity of goods must be notified in writing by registered mail, under penalty of forfeiture, within 7 days of delivery of the goods. Any dispute does not give the right to suspend payments.

9. MATERIAL RETURN. The return of the goods must be agreed in advance and expressly accepted by our company. The return may only relate to standard items and not custom material upon request. The material must be returned ex-works with original and complete packaging. However, the return must always be accompanied by the reimbursement of tax and administrative expenses equal to 20% of the value of the return.

10. PAYMENTS. In case of late payments, even if only partial, will default interest (as per article 1194 of the Italian Civil Code) commensurate with the official discount rate, increased by 3 percentage points.

11. JUDICIAL OFFICE. For any dispute, the Court of Turin will have sole jurisdiction.