Project Description

GDA 63 – 2500 A

Graziadio GDA busbars with aluminum or copper conductors, available from 63 A to 2500 A, are ideal for use in factories, factories and many other sectors where it is necessary to provide junction outputs, or where flexibility is required in moving machinery without additional costs. installation. Quick and easy compared to the cable system. The GDA bus duct lines can also be installed vertically: the bars are installed through the floor and, for each floor, there is a branch that feeds the panels. The range of tap off boxes starts from 32 up to 1250 A.

  • Monoblock junction
  • Configurations: 4P + PE; 5P + PE
  • Length of the elements: 4 m and any customized length
  • Distance between plug-in points: 1 m / 0.5 m
  • Use in same moment of opposite side plug-in points
  • Tap off boxes: 32 to 1250 A (light, robust and design)
  • Degree of protection: up to IP55
  • Live parts not accessibles
  • Advantages: corrosion resistance; fast and easy to assembly; high thermal dissipation; lightness; reusable and recyclable, high heat dissipation that allows installation in environments with little air circulation.

Product details

  • 63 – 2500 A
  • Conductors: aluminum or copper ETP 99,9
  • Housing: 100% aluminum
  • Complies with the standards: IEC 61439 / 1-6

Main applications

  • Industrial environments

  • Sports halls

  • Officine

  • School laboratories

  • Hypermarkets

  • Office buildings (vertical elevators)

  • Naval

  • Conference centers

  • Stadiums

  • Garages

  • Data center

  • Logistic centers

  • Shopping centers

  • Department stores

  • Residence

  • Tertiary

  • Hospital

  • University

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