Project Description

ISOLSBARRA 630 – 6300 A

ISOLSBARRA is a high power, prefabricated busbar system with insulated conductors, from 630 A to 6300 A, for both indoor and outdoor use with a protection degree ranging from IP42 – IP68. Like K series and GDA power busbar, Isolbarra can be supplied with either copper or aluminium conductors.

The conductors are individually insulated and protected by a strong PVC sheath, but this sheathing can be changed to fibreglass on request. Isolsbarra is supplied in standard 4m lengths in order to minimise the number of joints and therefore the installation time.

We can supply any lenght on request.

  • Execution: 3P + PE; 4P + PE; 5P + PE; N = 50% -100% -200%
  • Item Length: 4 m and any customized length
  • Distance between plug-in points: 1 m / 0.5 m
  • Tap off boxes: from 100 to 1250 A (lightweight, robust and design)
  • Types of insulation: Fiberglass (Class H – 180 ° C), PVC (Class Y), Air
  • Live parts not accessible with line in operation
  • Protection degree: from IP30 to IP66; IP68
  • Possibility of connecting elements with different degrees of IP at any time
  • Types of Insulation: Fiberglass (H Class – 180°C), PVC (Y Class), Air
  • High short-circuit resistance
  • Possibility to create bespoke items, T, Z.
  • Fire barriers with fire resistance up to 3 hours
  • Live parts not accessibles
  • Advantages: corrosion resistant; long life joint; fast and easy assembly; high thermal dissipation; low weight; reusable and recyclable

Product details

  • 630-6300 A
  • Conductors: Aluminum (optionally tinned on the entire length), Copper (optionally tinned or silvered)
  • Enclosure: aluminum (optional: stainless steel, painting)
  • Comply with: IEC 61439/1-6; CEI EN 60529

Protection degree

Main Application

  • Industrial factories

  • Sport halls

  • Workshops

  • Greenhouses

  • Refinery

  • Automotive

  • Hypermarkets

  • Oil & Gas

  • Office buildings (Vertical lines)

  • Universities

  • Data center

  • Naval

  • Senior housing

  • Conference centers

  • Logistic centers

  • Shopping centers

  • Airport

  • Department stores

  • Tertiary sector

  • Hospitals

  • Stadiums

  • Chemical factory






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