Project Description

Multicondutor 50-300 A – Trolley

The trolley Multiconductor RN7 is a combination of flexibility and efficiency. Up to 7 conductors could be placed inside RN7 PVC housing. The standard length is 4 meters. Any shorter length than 4 meters is available. The principle of free expansion of the conductor and of the conductors guarantees the possibility of an unlimited length of the installation. The elements can be supplied with a rubber gasket with the protection degree IP44, to limit the penetration of dust and liquids is minimal, ensuring continuous reliability.

  • Ratings 50 A, 80 A, 125 A, 160 A, 200 A, 320 A, 400 A
  • Self-extinguishing PVC housing containing up to 7 uninterrupted conductors
  • Adaptable to any height
  • Reduced voltage drop
  • High running speed
  • Ideal for the signal transmission
  • Low maintenance

Products details

  • 50 A – 300 A
  • Copper conductors
  • Number of conductors: up to 7
  • Complies with the standards: IEC 61439-1/6 and UL

Main applications

  • Automated warehouses

  • Automotive

  • Means of transport

  • Steel plant

  • Transfer cars

  • Agriculture and greenhouses

  • Cement factory

  • Naval ports



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