Project Description


The Pro-Ductor trolley is specifically designed for heavy duty tasks performed in automated warehouses. The standard length is 4 meters. Any shorter length than 4 meters is available. Sections are connected via the click and block system. No need of drilling or screws. Up to 4 conductors can be placed inside PR4 PVC housing, up to 7 conductors inside PR7 PVC housing and up to 10 conductors inside PR10 PVC housing. It is possible to combine conductors for power supply and signal transmission.

  • Ratings 50 A, 80 A, 125 A, 160 A, 200 A, 320 A, 400 A
  • Self-extinguishing PVC housing containing up to 10 uninterrupted conductors
  • Adaptable to any height
  • High running speed (500 m / min.)
  • Ideal for the signal transmission
  • Low maintenance

Product details

  • 50-400A
  • Copper conductors
  • Number of conductors: up to 10
  • Complies with the standards: IEC 61439-1 / 6 and UL

Main applications

  • Automated warehouses

  • Shuttles

  • Means of transport

  • Luna park

  • Vertical storage systems

  • Transfer cars


EU Certification


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