copper bus bar

Ferrero plant in Balvano (Italy)

FERRERO PLANT IN BALVANO (ITALY) Busbars ISOLSBARRA 1250 A, 2000 A and 3200 A with aluminium conductors have been installed to provide the necessary energy to produce the new "Nutella Biscuits". Busducts by Graziadio will be installed in the plant of Ferrero Company in Balvano, in the province of Potenza (South Italy).

Auchan Kiev – Ukraine

AUCHAN KIEV - UKRAINE In the new Auchan shopping center in Kiev, two 2500 A Isolsbarra busbar lines with aluminum conductors were installed for the connections of 2 cast-resin transformers to the general electrical panels. Auchan is a French chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets, considered one of the main companies operating in