Fabbriche Aperte 2023 in Piedmont: a glimpse into our world

On Friday 27th October 2023 the great Fabbriche Aperte Piemonte regional event took place, an occasion in which factories open their doors to visitors, to show them the "behind the scenes" of their production. This year, Graziadio joined this initiative for the first time... and the result was very positive! Several interested guests came to visit us,

A look at a winter outdoor Busbar Installation

The installation can be critical. Electricity and ice or heavy water can be problematic. If you want to transport power from transformers to panel passing outdoor, the solution is Isolsbarra busbar in version IP66 or IP68. Not necessarly cables. Isolsbarra system can transport power from 630 to 6300 A and it is fully tested to stay outdoor under heavy rains or heavy snows. Version IP66 is perfect for overhead installations, while IP68 when the line pass underground and the risk of immersion is possible.

Ferrero plant in Balvano (Italy)

FERRERO PLANT IN BALVANO (ITALY) Busbars ISOLSBARRA 1250 A, 2000 A and 3200 A with aluminium conductors have been installed to provide the necessary energy to produce the new "Nutella Biscuits". Busducts by Graziadio will be installed in the plant of Ferrero Company in Balvano, in the province of Potenza (South Italy).