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The installation of 250 A GDA busbars lines has recently been completed in two buildings blocks in Tunisia.

The plug-in system, GDA busbar by Graziadio, is the perfect solution for vertical installations to distribute power to multi-floor buildings. Typically know as “rising mains” can be installed along a riser duct or through floors. Each floor will have a tap off unit which can serve distribution boards on that floor. GDA tap off units range is 32A-1250A .

GDA busbar, available from 63 A to 2500 A, can have aluminium or copper conductors. The GDA plug-in lines can be installed where flexibility is required in moving machinery without additional costs of installation or where it is necessary rising installations generally used in hotels blocks, office blocks and other high rise buildings.

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Tour Tunis – Tunisia


GDA 250 A

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