After 3 months, The Mentor project is in its last step.

This project has given to Graziadio, and to other companies in Turin and Milan, the chance to host young Maroccan and Tunisian trainees, like Hanaâ El Mokdadi who is specialist in marketing.

On the 20th July took place the final cerimony in Turin, in the prestigious “Sala Rossa”. An intense moment where the protagonists, the other companies and the trainees, have briefly reported their experiences: not only about the working field, but also from the human point of view. The cooperation with Hanaâ, here in Graziadio, has contributed to improve marketing strategies and commercial relationships with the Maghreb area.

The event appeared on La Repubblica, the italian daily newspaper, reporting the story of Ms. Lorenza Pautasso, employee in Graziadio as export manager.

Thank you to all who have contributed in this great work. Waiting for a future closer access to the Maroccan market, reinforcing our presence, we are sure to follow our friendship!

Remember….Graziadio & C. means Speed, Quality and Value !