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Imperial Hotel – Malta

K-Series aluminium lines of 1600 A were installed in the renowned XIX century Imperial Hotel in the touristic island of Malta. The historic building is preparing to undergo a makeover but trying to keep originary architectural features. The building was originally built as a villa for a Maltese nobleman and was later used as

Let’s choose aluminium busbars!

Graziadio uses for all the range, the aluminium housing due to its quality and performance. Did you know that aluminium is a very young element? It has been discovered only in 1886 by the two scientists Herault and Hall. In the last decades due to its countless advantages, aluminium has been used in several fields. What lies behind the huge success

HPC Data Center Kajaani – Finland

Kajaani - Finland We have provided CSC Data Center in Kajaani seven K Series aluminium busbars lines of 3200 A, 4000 A, 5000 A. Seven lines in seven different colours. What colour is your energy? CSC Data Center in Kajaani is a state-of-the-art facility that will host a pan European high-performance supercomputer. The