Exhibitions Time!

Summer break is over and we are ready to start better than ever. Graziadio & C. always looks forward. We are planning the participation to many exhibitions all over the world: Spain, Kenya, Egypt, Austria and Tanzania. Stay tuned!!

Quality Certificate

On 07/06/2021 Graziadio & C. S.p.a had a regular Audit to confirm the Quality certificate. During the ispection neither Non- Conformities nor Observations were found. The certification ISO9001:2015 issued to us in 2003, was the first one granted to an Italian manufacturer of busbars. This is a source of great satisfaction for us because this

Team Work

Spring season brings changes and this time the change in Graziadio & C. S.p.A does not concern busbars, but some members of the inside sales team that offers you our products. We have recently revolutionized our internal sales department with the aim to consolidate it more and more. Cinzia’s wisdom and Elena’s experience will guide the

Happy Easter 2021!

We inform you that for the Easter’s holidays, our offices and factory will be closed until 5thApril 2021 inclusive. Happy Easter to all our customers and their families! Click here to follow us on LinkedIn! Graziadio. Yes, We Busbar

A look at a winter outdoor Busbar Installation

The installation can be critical. Electricity and ice or heavy water can be problematic. If you want to transport power from transformers to panel passing outdoor, the solution is Isolsbarra busbar in version IP66 or IP68. Not necessarly cables. Isolsbarra system can transport power from 630 to 6300 A and it is fully tested to stay outdoor under heavy rains or heavy snows. Version IP66 is perfect for overhead installations, while IP68 when the line pass underground and the risk of immersion is possible.

Let’s choose aluminium busbars!

Graziadio uses for all the range, the aluminium housing due to its quality and performance. Did you know that aluminium is a very young element? It has been discovered only in 1886 by the two scientists Herault and Hall. In the last decades due to its countless advantages, aluminium has been used in several fields. What lies behind the huge success