On 20 February in Milan at the Hotel Melià – via Masaccio 19 the CEI free training conferences are back. 2019. Graziadio is sponsor of the event.

The events are dedicated to the safety and operation of user electrical systems between technological and regulatory developments. The regulatory aspects in the field of electrical plant engineering and the tendency of industrial automation to integrate some new technologies to improve working conditions and increase productivity are closely connected. With this in mind, Industry 4.0 assumes crucial importance:
– Update regulations related to the CEI 64-8 Standard
– “Fire” variant project of the CEI 64-8 standard
– Maintenance 4.0 of electrical systems
– Multiservice infrastructures

Cei Milano 2019

Recognized n. 3 CFP for Engineers, n. 6 CFP for the Order of Industrial Experts and Industrial Experts Graduates and entitles to the allocation of n. 6 CFP and n. 6 CFP for Architects.


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