Graziadio uses for all the range, the aluminium housing due to its quality and performance.

Did you know that aluminium is a very young element?

It has been discovered only in 1886 by the two scientists Herault and Hall. In the last decades due to its countless advantages, aluminium has been used in several fields.

What lies behind the huge success of aluminium? There is no secret! Aluminium is naturally perfect. It’s light, strength, versatile, of clean appearance and easily recyclabe at low cost.

Aluminium is 30% lighter than steel. It allows production of straight elements in 4 meters instead of the 3 meters offered by most of our competitors. This means fewer joints and faster installation. In the electric field, aluminium ensures a better heat dissipation than steel and safety in case of short circuit.

In Graziadio for all the range we choose to build high-quality busbars easy to install. Our purpose is to create high-performance products through continuous improvement utilising the latest best practice and skill.

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