The Sign – Milan

The installation of 25 A of GLS Lighting Busbar has recently been completed into the new buildings, The Sign. GLS busbars were been used in the office, both under the floor and in the false ceiling, in order to power it.

This technological architecture was designed by Progetto Cmr- Massimo Roj Architects and is situated in the context of the dynamic Milan, close to the renowned international university IULM. The aim of this urban regeneration project is to transform a former industrial area of 50s into an innovative accelerator for large companies and the city as a whole. The concept centers on the realization of man and on achieving this goal through the latest technology developments. Environmental and social sustainability are therefore two focal elements of the project, designed to achieve the birth of new ways to live the space.

Graziadio & C. S.p.A has played its role in this vision thank to GLS Lighting Busbar 100% Made in Italy.

The electrical lighting distribution system is typically used when a fast, flexible, and economical installation is required and is ideal to be used in warehouses, retail outlets, industrial buildings, hospitals and similar locations.

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The Sign – Milan


GLS 25 A