Subway in Moscow (Russia)

SUBWAY IN MOSCOW - RUSSIA Graziadio supplied to the new line in Moscow, the power busbar ISOLSBARRA 1600 A in aluminium conductors, the Trolley System MULTICONDUCTOR 80 A and the GLS Busbars 40 A 4P for lighting. The project to build a second ring line for the Moscow metro first announced two years ago.

Balocco plant in Fossano (Italy)

BALOCCO PLANT IN FOSSANO (ITALY) The Balocco company is a confectionery company specialized in the production of pastries, based in Fossano (Cuneo).  In order to deal with the doubled growth volumes of the last decade, it was necessary to expand the historic factory. Balocco has chosen for the new  wing of 12,000

Orsha Linen – Belarus

ORSHA LINEN - BELARUS  Orsha Linen is the largest in Europe manufacturer of linen fabrics and home textile products, located in Orsha, Belarus in the Vitebsk Region. The factory, that started the activity in 1930, today exports in more than 40 countries. Graziadio & C. has supplied the lighting busbar system for