Astoria Wines – Treviso

Graziadio & C. has given its contribution to the realization of one of the latest project of Astoria Wines in Trevisio, Italy.

This important italian entrepreneurial company has chosen:

  • K-Series aluminium busbar line of 2500 A for the connection between transformer–panel which is appropriated for power transportation and distribution in commercial and industrial buildings
  • 15 lines of GLS 25 A 8P Lighting Busbar which are ideal for use in industrial buildings and warehouses. On customer request these lines have been coated with white aluminum
  • J Series busduct of 100 A, great to be use in all fields where is necessary to supply low power energy with plug- in points.

Born in 1987 and led by brothers Paolo and Giorgio Polegato, Astoria Wines is one of the biggest name in the Prosecco world with countless accolades from top wine competitions.

Moreover, it has been working with the sporting world since the 1990s and it is a backer of both Cittadella and Venezia football clubs. It has been a sponsor of the Giro d’Italia bicycle race for many years and it sees sports as a means of promoting the universal values of equity and integration.

Like Graziadio, Cantina Astoria managed by the third generation, has respects and care for its products and promotes the efficiency of Made in Italy all over the world.

Graziadio. Yes, we busbar.





Astoria Wines


K-Series 2500 A
GLS 25 A
J Series 100 A