DS Smith – new factory – Modena

DS Smith – new factory – Modena

We have supplied our busbars for the construction of the new DS Smith multinational packaging production plant. It covers an area of ​​34,000 square meters and is a cutting-edge plant in terms of technology and sustainability.

DS Smith is a world leader in providing sustainable packaging solutions, paper and cardboard products and recycling services. Since its foundation 80 years ago, the company has experienced exponential growth, with the expansion of the services offered and the areas of specialization.

The provided Graziadio busbars in the new plant are GDA 1600 A, which provides a simple solution for the distribution of energy. Power cables can be installed quickly with a wide variety of tap off boxes, switches, plugs and meters. GDA busbars are available from 63 to 2500 A to distribute power in environments where flexibility or vertical installations in high-rise buildings are required.

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DS Smith – new factory – Modena


GDA 1600 A