pmi day 2023 busbar

PMI DAY 2023 – On 24 November 2023, PMI DAY took place in Piedmont: it is a great event, promoted by Confindustria and dedicated to the world of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

On this occasion, businesses and new generations get in touch: young people can discover what’s behind a business idea and what leads a business, what mechanisms come into play to carry on its microworld, as well as seeing up close the production of a product.

This year, the Electrical Engineering students of the Avogadro Institute of Turin came to visit us, together with their teachers, in order to discover our company and our busbars.

The students were able to see concretly what they study every day

The visit began with an in-depth demonstration of how our busbar is made: our Research and Development Manager Mirko Cavatore and our Technical Manager Maurizio Leto accompanied the group through the different types of busbars, each with its own characteristics. They range from lighting busbars like GLS, J SERIES, GDA, to power busbars for energy transport such as ISOLSBARRA and K SERIES.

The tour then continued in our factory, where the busway is made from scratch. Here our visitors closely observed tools, techniques and procedures, welcomed by our workers who explained facts and curiosities to them.

PMI DAY 2023: reflecting on Freedom

This year, the theme of PMI DAY was Freedom, from different points of view.

Freedom as the right to choose about our own future, to take our own path regardless of external influences and, why not, pursue the dream of doing business and contributing to the well-being of society.

We hope that the PMI DAY 2023 was enjoyable, interesting and useful for better understanding one’s subject of study in the field of electrical engineering, as well as inspiring all those young people who see the path in their professional future of entrepreneurship.

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