The installation can be critical. Electricity and ice or heavy water can be problematic. If you want to transport power from transformers to panel passing outdoor, the solution is Isolsbarra busbar in version IP66 or IP68. Not necessarly cables.

Isolsbarra system can transport power from 630 to 6300 A and it is fully tested to stay outdoor under heavy rains or heavy snows. Version IP66 is perfect for overhead installations, while IP68 when the line pass underground and the risk of immersion is possible.

In the extreme north of Siberia (Russia) we have yet supplied and turned on 2 lines 3200 A with aluminium conductors to feed an important factory connected to maintenance of mining equipment.
The 2 lines are at 90% outdoor for a long run and they stay under snow and -40°C ice conditions. In our system it is enough version IP66 made with heat shrinkable sheaths: easy to mount and easy to maintain. No need of difficult cast resin solution or low reliable cable solution.

Look at the video  about the installation with drone view

Heat shrinkable sheaths are easy and quick to install with a basic tool like a hot air blower: few minutes for every joint.
When the line can stay underwater (normally when is installed underground) the solution is the IP68 version. It is similar to IP66, with a more specific Heat shrinkable sheath that has silicon inside to close all the air gaps and block water penetration.

With our Aluminium external structure also in outdoor conditions, there is no risk or corrosion due to weather: aluminium instead of steel has a life 10 times or even more longer.
When the lines are mounted and they stay in ice conditions not energized, to avoid ice condensation, we can supply little space heaters, supplied with low voltage power: this system keep the line little warm to prevent ice until energization.

Our technical office is available to find the best solution for your installation. We can talk in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Lithuanian.

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