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New Bonfiglioli EVO headquarters, Bologna – We are very satisfied for having taken part in the project for the new Bonfiglioli headquarters, in Calderara di Reno, in the metropolitan city of Bologna.

Bonfiglioli is a global leader in the production of planetary gearboxes for mobile machines and its new headquarters represent an important work, which strikes for its modern and particular design. But let’s go in order…

The structure was designed by Peter Pichler Architecture and developed by Arup, after winning first place in the competition for its construction.

The new Bonfiglioli headquarters near Bologna are part of the so-called EVO project, which constitutes the largest industrial site of the Bonfiglioli Group in Italy, focused on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability; aspects, these, fully respected for its realization.

The first thing of the structure that comes to the eye is the upper part, which appears as “cleanly cut”. This choice, as well as for aesthetic purposes, has above all a motivation linked to functionality: in fact, it wants to make the most of the natural light of the north facade, thus illuminating as many offices as possible. The internal courtyard, then, was designed to create a sort of natural cross ventilation, according to the so-called “chimney” effect. Furthermore, the structure does not contain pillars within its spaces, as it rests entirely on its external metal skeleton.

A structure, in short, that aims to make full use of all possible natural solutions, avoiding the waste of energy.

If we then look at the external appearance, we will notice that the facade appears “jagged”: this is because we wanted to recreate a surface that recalls metal shavings, a waste product of Bonfiglioli’s production. Here too, however, there is a double functionality, as the surface in this way allows the light to be filtered and to create a more comfortable environment.

GLS and ISOLSBARRA for the new Bonfiglioli EVO headquarters

And where do we come into play? Obviously on electricity! Within our range of busbars, the GLS and ISOLSBARRA products were chosen for the installation of the electrical system.

ISOLSBARRA, power conduit for the transport of electricity, with its IP42 protection degree is perfect for installation in closed environments. Furthermore, the individually insulated copper or aluminum conductors are a significant feature.

GLS is light, easy and quick to assemble (thanks to “interlocking” assembly, using quick-fit joints) and resistant to corrosion.

Both, then, fully satisfy the minimalist aspect of the structure, as they are very compact in size.

The sustainability factor, as we said at the heart of the project, is also recurring in our busbars, as aluminum and copper elements can be recycled and reused.

Graziadio. Yes, we busbar.