A fair about energy?

Ok, say no more: our busbars land on the Kish island!

We are off the coast of Iran, in the Persian Gulf, on the occasion of the ENEX INTERNATIONAL ENERGY EXHIBITION 2024, thanks to our distributor Neka Novin Co. who brought our busbars to the event.

What is it about?

A large exhibition, entirely dedicated to the energy sector, in the electricity sector but not only, also including the oil and gas industries, the petrochemical sector and new energies.

In recent years, the organization of trade fairs, both local and international, has proven to be of great importance to ensure that companies, investors and traders can more easily find their target audience.

The event saw a large turnout of visitors, coming not only from the Persian Gulf area, but also from Central Asia, the Middle East and many others.

The exhibition aims to be above all an opportunity to highlight and improve the sector within the country, and for us it represents a new occasion to show, once again, the excellence of Made in Italy with regards to electricity.

Graziadio. Yes, We Busbar